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September 28, 2021 the Phone Call Fraud edition

In today’s edition of Daily Compliance News: ·       China to take ‘deed dive’ into financial sector corruption. (South China Post) ·       Fraud risk in con calls. (NYT) ·       Google appeals $5bn fine. (NPR) ·       NRA BOD member wants to intervene in state suit....

DOJ Enforcement Action Re: Iran Sanctions

The Kitchen takes a look at a recent DOJ enforcement action, where the Department charged 3 with Iran sanctions violations and smuggling of unknown biological substances subject to regulations into the US.  Listen in for more detail.

Episode 083 – Alain Hunkins

In this episode of The Ethics Experts, Nick welcomes Alain Hunkins, CEO of Hunkins Leadership Group, Forbes contributor, author of ‘Cracking the Leadership Code,’ and TEDx Speaker, to the show.

September 27, 2021 the It Wasn’t Me edition

In today’s edition of Daily Compliance News: CFOs want corp investment tied to sustainability. (WSJ) Huawei resolves. (NYT) End of banking ‘as we know it’? (WaPo) WPP chief says it wasn’t me. (Bloomberg)