Our illustrious guest on this week’s show is Jeffrey Hayzlett, the founder and CEO of C-Suite Network. He chats with host Tom Fox about his podcast network and what he sees as the future of podcasting.

The Evolution of C-Suite Radio

Jeffrey has had a very successful career in the corporate world: he has bought and sold over 250 businesses, completed $25 billion in transactions, was the Chief Marketing Officer for Eastman Kodak, a Fortune 10 Company. He was also a judge on the Celebrity Apprentice for 3 years, working with Mark Burnett and Donald Trump. He shares how he transitioned from his own Prime Time TV show into podcasting, eventually starting C-Suite Radio, which is now the world’s largest business podcast network.

C-Suite Network as a Trusted Source

The C-Suite Network includes C-Suite Radio, TV, Book Club and several other clubs and councils. Jeffrey wants listeners to know that they are getting an authoritative source: the network offers a breadth of knowledge as well as diversity of thought. Just like a bartender who knows what you like and has it waiting when you come in, the goal of the C-Suite Network is to serve its audience. We anticipate your needs, Jeffrey says, and aim to be there when you’re ready for it, in the way you want to have it, whether through books, podcasts, tv, or conferences.

A Broad Spectrum of Solutions

Tom remarks that he likes the C-Suite Radio Network because you can listen to and incorporate a broad spectrum of solutions into your practice. Jeffrey comments about the caliber of guests and the knowledge they bring to the shows. With over 5,000 shows per year, the C-Suite Network has a plethora of content which gives readers lots of choices to find solutions or opportunities. A listener can search for information by genre, or any other taxonomy.

The Market Development of Podcasting

Podcasting has seen major market growth in part because of the proliferation of devices. It is easier and more convenient to listen than to see. People love the ability to consume knowledge wherever they are. The marketplace has picked up on this and the valuation on podcast networks has risen, so much so that they are now trading at 100x revenue. Podcast growth is much higher than video growth.

C-Suite Conference

The C-Suite Network hosts over 60 meetings per year. Recently they had a full week of meetings, including the Capital Summit on the second day, when they rented out a former Catholic Church which is now a meeting venue, and passed the collection plates. Over half a billion dollars in funding was given out in the room. 

The Future of Podcasting

Jeffrey envisions that there will be more podcasts, availability will be easier especially with connected home devices such as Alexa and Google Home, and that more advertising will be done on shows in the future. 


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