CONVERGE is in its 5th year of bringing together the world’s leading companies for 2 days of dynamic speakers, thought-provoking breakout sessions, and opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. This year the conference has gone virtual. You will leave the conference with new resources and best practices allowing you to continue the hard work of driving ethics to the center of your business. In today’s episode I visit with Jenny Kim. We visit about her presentation at Converge20 on How Behavioral Science Powers Empathetic Workplace Policies. 

When you take human behavior into account at the center of your procedures, processes, and systems, you’ll minimize opportunities for misconduct, reduce risk, and make it possible to write more empathetic, human-focused policies. Join this session to learn how behavioral science and human-centered focus will allow you to:

-Maximize good decision-making and reduce risk

-Build systems that mitigate opportunity for misconduct

-Create empathetic, human-centered policies that are good for business and good for your workforce.

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