Jonathan Sampson has worked in the compliance industry for the past decade, including as COO of Click for Compliance, a pioneer in the compliance training space. He and co-founder Karen Kiesel started Peak Compliance Training because they recognized a need for a customer-centric training provider. He says that compliance professionals are passionate about driving company culture through their training initiatives but they need customization, often in multiple languages. He joins Tom Fox on this week’s show to share how Peak is answering the market need with their training solution.

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A Suite of Training Resources

Peak’s initial suite of training resources was in the area of sexual harassment prevention, in response to recent legislation mandates. They are building out a compliance training library that will be available in coming months, which will cover topics such as ethics, business code of conduct, FCPA anti-corruption and anit-trust, and import-export controls. The market favors training that is interactive, scenario-based and topical. People also want compliance programs to have shorter, more frequent communication. You can have all of this with Peak: their technology allows you to pull out case studies and scenarios and send them as short, one-off communications. 

What Makes Peak Different

Tom asks Jonathan what differentiates Peak from other compliance training providers. He responds that the three things that make them different are:

  1. They’re customer-centric: they answer learners’ need for customized courses at a reasonable price. Personalized courses resonate better with employees rather than out-of-the-box solutions.
  2. Their top-notch technology: their state-of-the-art course building tool enables them to make faster, cheaper customizations in multiple languages, as well as create short training snippets.
  3. Their instructional design: they create relevant, appealing content to honor their learners’ time and intelligence. Realistic scenarios and interactive questions are designed to entertain and challenge.

Targeted, Effective Training

Tom asks if Peak’s training speaks to the Department of Justice mandates of effective and targeted training. Jonathon responds that it does. With our training, Jonathan says, you can actually decide on your training path. Training paths can be role-based, where different content would be delivered to different learners, depending on their position in the company. This is more beneficial since employees are being trained in areas that are relevant to them. Peak’s courses are also available on mobile devices. Compliance training has evolved, Jonathan says; they are now more engaging, more interactive, more continuous, and less time-consuming. CCOs welcome this evolution as they are passionate about their personal brand and how they’re reflected by how their compliance program is implemented.