Where does creativity fit into compliance? In more places than you think. Problem-solving, accountability, communication, and connection – they all take creativity. Join Tom Fox and Ronnie Feldman on Creativity and Compliance, part of the Compliance Podcast Network to explore these issues. Today’s episode asks has your compliance training has been Conrona-Cancelled? We provide some things you can create to supplement your routine training and communication. Some of the highlights include:

  • Create a virtual ‘Ethics and Compliance Live Show’ – a fun and entertaining way to communicate compliance topics.
  • What might a show consist of?
    • An original song;
    • An Opening Monologue;
    • A Top Ten list
    • An original skit around compliance;
    • Visit with the CCO about the skit;
    • Virtual Q&A; and
    • Closing compliance tune.
  • How about a Colbert-style show?
  • A Johnny Carson-style show?
  • A David Letterman-style show?
  • Always remember, you are only limited by your imagination.
  • Maintain Fun – Variety and Surprise. Novelty breads engagement. Need to constantly switch it up. Try lots of little things.
  • What are some of the additional pluses during this current time?
    • These formats are powerful mediums that can be digested in small increments when working remotely.
    • You can still make a personal connection.
    • You can still educate and make the training/communication interesting.
    • It can all be digested on the employees time.

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60-Second Communication & Awareness Shorts – A variety of short, customizable, quick-hitter “commercials” including songs & jingles, video shorts, newsletter graphics & Gifs, and more. Promote integrity, compliance, the Code, the helpline and the E&C team as helpful advisors and coaches.

Workplace Tonight Show! Micro-learning – a library of 1-10-minute trainings and communications wrapped in the style of a late-night variety show, that explains corporate risk topics and why employees should care.

Custom Live & Digital Programing – We’ll develop programming that fits your culture and balances the seriousness of the subject matter with a more engaging delivery.