The fallout from the Hoskins guilty verdict still resonates. Tom and Jay reflect upon it, what it means to play by the rules and then turn to some other of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their collective eyes.

  1. Hoskins found guility. Dylan Tokar reports in WSJ. Dick Cassin the FCPA Blog. Tom and Mike Volkov consider in the FCPA Compliance Report. How the verdict bolsters the DOJ, in GIR.
  2. Astros accused by ex-player of cheating in 2017 Championship season. David Schonenfield breaks down sign-stealing in com. Michael Rosenberg reports in Buster Olney says the Astros cannot be trusted to investigation themselves, in Tom weighs in on the FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog.
  3. How do you balance perception based culture with fact based compliance? Anna Romberg in Navex Global’s Ethics & Compliance Matters blog.
  4. Twists and turns in the Cognizant case. Bill Wichert in Law360. (sub req’d)
  5. What can WeWork teach us about private company compliance. Erica Salmon Byrne in the FCPA Blog.
  6. A Guidebook to Corporate Governance, on Forum on Corporate Governance.
  7. Deutsche Bank whistleblower loses appeal. Jon Hill in Law360. (sub req’d)
  8. Why do you need oversight of merged companies? Jay explores in his continuing series on CCI.
  9. TRACE corruption ratings for 2019 are out. Matt Kelly reviews in Radical Compliance.
  10. Is FCPA enforcement inconsistent? Three lawyers from Bass, Berry say yes in CCI.
  11. Take a deep dive into SEC 2018/9 enforcement numbers. Cleary Gottlieb lawyers on NYU’sCompliance and Enforcement Blog.
  12. The Compliance Kitchen, a podcast hosted by Silvia Surman, premiers on the Compliance Podcast Network.

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