Tom is on for a solo run this week to review some of the top compliance and ethics stories on the Facebook Whistleblower edition. 


1.     The Facebook Whistleblower. 60 Minutes appearance and Congressional Testimony. Matt Kelly in Radical Compliance. Aaron Nicodemus in Compliance Week.  (sub req’d)

2.     Petrofac settles with SFO. Harry Cassin in the FCPA Blog.

3.     ESG and business risks. Mike Volkov in Corruption, Crime and Compliance.

4.     DOJ to emphasize white collar criminal cases.  Dylan Tokar in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.

5.     Ancient history and FCPA enforcement. Dick Cassin in the FCPA Blog.

6.     Lessons learned from the Pandora Papers. Jaclyn Jaeger in Compliance Week. (sub req’d)

7.     Using AI for pattern recognition in investigations. Veeral Gosalia in CCI.

8.     Will ethical lapses at the Fed sink the Powell nomination? Jeanna Smialek and James Tankersly in the NYT.

9.     The Big Stink and Green Bonds. Lawrence Heim in PracticalESG.

10.  Would you trust Ozy? Ozy says its open for business (after a short hiatus).  What does it mean for compliance? Megan Leonhardt and Jessica Mathews in Fortune.

11.  Risk based compliance and ransomware. SheppardMullin lawyers on JDSupra.   

Podcasts and Events

12.  Congrats to Great Women in Compliance for being honored as a top pod by w3 in the DEI category; Everything Compliance as a top roundtable in podcasting and CPN for top compliance podcast network.

13.  Compliance Week is going ‘Inside the Mind of the CCO’. Participate in the survey here.

14.  Ethisphere’s World Most Ethical Company awards for 2022 are open for submission. For more information on the Application Process, click here.

15.  Are you exasperated? Then check, F*ing Argentina. In this podcast series co-hosts Tom Fox and Gregg Greenberg, author of F*ing Argentina explore the current American psyche of being overworked, over leveraged, overtired and overwhelmed. Find out about modern America’s exasperation with well…exasperation. In Episode 1, the dreaded Parent Meeting night at your child’s elementary school. In Episode 2, why F*ing Argentina? In Episode 3, one of the most beloved characters in musical theater, Officer Krupke is exasperated. In Episode 4, the ubiquitous ‘Couples Dinner’.

16.  This month on The Compliance Month, I visit with John Melican, Managing Director at Exiger on his journey to and from the CCO chair. In Episode 1, college and early professional career at NY County DA’s Office.

17.  What is Design Thinking in Compliance? Check out the newest edition to the CPN, where co-hosts Tom Fox and Carsten Tams discuss the social engineering tool of design thinking and how it creates greater compliance engagement and effectiveness. Check out Episode 1 here.

18.  Join Jay, Tom and the top E&C professionals at Converge21, a virtual conference on October 12 & 13. Registration and information here. Why should you attend? Check out some of the panelists discuss their presentation on the Converge21 podcasts. Michael Randrup Wendy Badger, Lloydette Bai-Marrow, Tom and Philip Winterburn.

19.  How does a Compliance Bible become a best-seller? Check out Tom’s appearance on the C-Suite Network’s Best Seller TV to find out.  Purchase The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition here.

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