In this episode I visit with Lauren Briggerman, Member at Miller & Chevalier and Katherine Pappas, Counsel at Miller & Chevalier about the firm’s most recent edition of the publication Executives at Risk, the Summer/Fall 2019 edition. Some of the highlights include:

What is the publication “Executives at Risk”?

What were some of the noteworthy Investigations covered in the report?

Pharma Executives Charged in Second Criminal Case Involving Improper Opioid Sales. a.Are more executives in danger from the ongoing opioid trials and enforcement actions? b.What are some of the Cartel issues covered in the report?

Two Foreign Shipping Executives Charged in Ongoing Ocean Cargo Shipping Cartel Scheme. a. Why do executives need to be concerned with this Administration’s trade sanction policy?

There was one significant criminal trade secret case as a former Uber executive was charged with Trade Secrets Theft from Google. These matters are usually civil matters. Why is this case a criminal matter?

We consider the extradition matter involving a Société Générale banker living in France deemed a fugitive by U.S. Judge. What does this mean for non-US executives?

We visit about the policy developments from the DOJ-the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs. I ask, what is its significant for Executives?


Executives at Risk-Summer/Fall 2019 Edition