Welcome to the fifth and final episode of a special five-part podcast series, sponsored by Exiger, on topics From Third-Party Risk Management to Supply Chain Risk Management: Exiger on the Evolution in Supplier Compliance in COVID. Exiger was founded to fight financial crime, fraud and terrorist financing by introducing technology-enabled solutions to the market’s biggest supply chain, risk, investigation, litigation, and compliance challenges. A global authority on risk and compliance, Exiger serves the world’s largest banks, Fortune 1000 companies and government agencies and regulators. Over the past five episodes, we have put a spotlight on Financial Institutions with Tara Loftus and Samar Pratt; focus on corporations with Aaron Narva and George ‘Ren’ McEachern; consider the Federal Government and Supply Chains with Carrie Wibben and Vishnu Anantatmula; review the pillars of good compliance with Brandon Daniels and Carrie Wibben; and end with a review of third-party risk management solutions with Erika Peters and Skyler Chi.

Today, Part 5, we conclude with a review of third-party risk management solutions with Erika Peters and Skyler Chi. Peters is an Associate Managing Director based in Exiger’s New York office, where she focuses on the firm’s financial crime compliance and assurance practices. Chi is an Associate Director based in Exiger’s New York office. With nearly ten years of forensic accounting and investigative experience he leverages world-class technology (e.g., SQL, Python, Tableau, natural language processing and machine learning) in order to aid in financial investigations and government clients in bank/investment statement reviews and analyses, data analysis efforts, large document analyses, and extensive e-mail reviews.

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