In this episode I visit with Vera Cherepanova author of the book, “Compliance Program of an Organisation”. We visit about her recent article on the FCPA Blog and its implications. Some of the highlights from the podcast include:

  1. Cherepanova’s unique professional background.
  2. What led to her to pen the recent article in the FCPA Blog, “Who’s to blame? The bad apple or the barrel?
  3. What are the differences in the ‘situation perspective’ and the ‘personality perspective’?
  4. How do group dynamics inform corporate decision making?
  5. How can a compliance program be designed to prevent nefarious group think which might lead to bribery and corruption?
  6. Why is the myth of the rogue employee just that, a myth?


FCPA Blog post “Who’s to blame? The bad apple or the barrel?

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