In this episode of the FCPA Compliance Report, I visit Justin Muscolino, Head of North American Compliance Training Operations for GRC Solution. Some of the highlights include:

  1. Why do organizations struggle so much with culture and what impact can compliance training have to improve this?
  2. What do organizations often get wrong when it comes to training?
  3. What happens when organizations do not target their training?
  4. One of the issues that organizations face is measuring the effectiveness of their training benchmarking that their compliance is working. How can a compliance professional consider benchmarking?
  5. In a blog post on the GRC Solutions website you also look at the training compliance professionals to improve their culture?  How can you train compliance officers around this issue?
  6. Any advice for companies trying to get the right culture in their organizations?

You can find more information on GRC Solutions by checking out their website, here.