Innovation comes in many ways, forms and inspirations. Today we consider the basic use of communication as an innovation for compliance. We’re chatting with Ben Adelberg, host of The Back of the Range Golf Podcast, and today he’s sharing his processes, tips, and tricks for innovation and moving forward with whatever it is you’re working on.
Ben’s approach:
Ben interviews a wide variety of people, so before he ever gets on the phone with them, he does a deep dive. He goes through all of their social media channels, websites they might have been on, books they’ve written — anywhere that might have information on them — and finds out every single thing he can that could potentially lead him to different and unique questions to ask his guests. His goal is to go through the entire episode and ask questions they’ve never been asked, which makes The Back of the Range unique and stand out among all the other golf podcasts.
Publicizing the podcast:
Publishing a podcast episode is just half the job. It could be the most entertaining episode, but if nobody really knows about it, it’s just going to sit there. So for every episode, Ben promotes it to his Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and uploads every episode on YouTube.
He takes a 30- to 60-second long snippet of the episode and transforms it into what’s called an audiogram: a static picture with audio over it. It goes onto all his social media channels with a link to the episode.
He’ll also make sure to tag the person the episode is featuring and mention anybody else that might have been mentioned in the snippet, so it shows up on anyone following those feeds as well. This increases your reach and gets that 60-second clip in front of as many people as possible.
Leveraging tools:
In this business, you’re trying to capture people’s attention. A post that just says “click on this link” isn’t giving a big reason to listeners or followers to click on the link. Create a captivating photo or video, maybe something comical, or create a poll question on Twitter or a contest on Instagram. Just like anything in life you want to accomplish, you’ve got to put the work in.
Showing value:
Ben read Joe’s autobiography twice, did a deep dive on all his events, and fortunately loved baseball and golf, so he was extremely well-prepared for the episode. With every single guest, he tries to show value and his legitimacy right away by asking different probing questions that show he’s done his research. Once you do that, they respect the fact that you’ve done your work, and armed with that and a clean phone line, the episodes turn out well.
The Back of the Range Golf Podcast