In the Episode, I visit with Joanne Taylor, Managing Director at K2, an industry leading investigative, compliance and cyber defense services firm. Joanne joined K2 Intelligence with 20 years of experience in legal, investigations, and financial crime compliance. This includes fraud risk management, anti-bribery and corruption, regulatory enforcement, and fraud investigations within leading international financial and legal services industries. Prior to joining K2 Intelligence, Joanne led global anti-fraud, bribery and corruption strategy and was previously responsible for the global whistleblowing program and cross-border investigations related to fraud, bribery and corruption for a European bank. In this podcast we discuss the UK portion of the Airbus anti-corruption enforcement action.

Some of the highlights include:

  1. The Airbus international corruption settlement is so massive that many compliance professionals might have trouble getting their arms around it. What are there some key takeaways you see from your perspective?
  2. Can you describe the extensive cooperation noted by the UK Court by Airbus after the investigation began in earnest?
  3. What is the significance of the French/UK/US taking the lead in different aspects of the investigation?
  4. The UK Court provided a detailed look at the economic consequences of a trial and guilty verdict. Why was this analysis so critical to the Court?
  5. What do you see as the significance of the international cooperation by investigating agencies and enforcement agencies?
  6. What does the UK Judgment say about or do for the SFO?