Richard Lummis and I are back to continue our series of exploring leadership through the study of US Presidents. This episode begins a short series on Gilded Age Presidents, now largely forgotten. In this episode we take up Grover Cleveland.Some of the highlights include:

  1. Educational and Professional background of Grover Cleveland
  2. New York Politician including his term as Mayor of Buffalo and Governor of NY
  1. Election Campaigns, including Rum, Romanism and Rebellion
  1. Presidency including Reform (1stterm); the Tariff (1stterm); Military Policy (1stterm); Labor unrest and Pullman Strike (2ndterm) and Foreign affairs (2ndterm)
  1. Leadership Issues including (1) Why tone at the top matters? A Public Office is a Public Trust; (2) How Cleveland helped to return power to the Executive Branch; (3) When is the ‘vision thing’ needed? and (6) Servant Leadership- Officeholders are the agents of the people, not their masters.