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Looking Back on 9/11 – To commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I interviewed six people whose lives were directly impacted by that event. The paper will relate their stories, how the events of 9/11 impacted the compliance profession and what their reflections are some 20 years later.

Foster Wheeler FCPA Enforcement Action – Amec Foster Wheeler Limited  announced that it had settled a long-standing corruption investigation which involved multiple investigative and enforcement agencies in multiple jurisdictions regarding the use of the disgraced agent Unaoil to pay bribes to secure business.

Gamestop – GameStop and Compliance. What happens when social media meet millennial traders who want to take down ‘The Man’. Find out in this fascinating White Paper.

Boeing Fraud Enforcement Actions – Boeing Fraud Enforcement-the DOJ brings the hammer down on Boeing for its fraud around  the 737Max failures. In this White Paper, find out why every compliance professional needs to be aware of fraud risk.

Deutsche Bank – Deutsche Bank-FCPA Recidivist. How does a financial institution become a two-time FCPA loser? Find out in this fascinating White Paper.

BRSG in Guinea – BSRG in Guinea-the long sordid story of Beny Steinmetz and his company BSRG in Guinea was recently played out in a Swiss court where Steinmetz was found guilty of corruption. What are the lessons for the compliance professional? Find out in this White Paper.

Citibank – Citibank Incorrectly Wires Out $900,000,000. How does one of the world’s most prestigious financial institutions incorrectly wire out $900mm? When transactions are so complex that no one person can understand them. Find out more in this White Paper.