In this episode, I visit with Jonathan Armstrong consider some of his predictions for the rest of 2019. Even if these predictions do not become fully formed, you should consider them in light of your data privacy/data protection policies and protocols. Some of the issues and highlights are:

  1. Drones-what are the GDPR implications.
  2. The number of data breach notifications under GDPR. Through the end of January there were over 42,000 in the EU alone.
  3. Will AI and self-driving cars follow the rules on safe driving standards, or will there be new rules for the road?
  4. What will be the effects of data, big data and AI in elections going forward? What will be the fallout from Cambridge Analytica going forward?
  5. How will businesses respond to the industrialization of internet crime? What happens when there is a Zero-Day exploit?
  6. Cybersecurity insurance. Will standard insurance rules and regulations apply, or will new policy language be drafted for such coverage?

For more information on Cordery Compliance, go their website here. Also check out the GDPR Navigator, one of the top resources for GDPR Compliance by clicking here.