Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. In this Episode 50, Mary Shirley and Lisa Fine sit down together for a very special episode.

After getting the chance to speak together about the best professional advice that listeners had ever received at the end of the year, Lisa and Mary received some great feedback from listeners.  Some of the responses were about achievements of our community, and we took that feedback and decided to team up again in this latest episode which is all about celebrating in the “wins” experienced by listeners of the podcast who have taken the insight of our guests and people in the podcast community and moved their careers and/or professional development forward..

All of the feedback that Mary and Lisa receive, positive or negative, is important in developing the GWIC podcast and community.  But there is nothing that brings more joy and pride than when they hear about how the podcast has resulted in favorable outcomes for their guests and listeners.  This episode is a way to share that joy with all listeners and celebrate in the achievements of others.  Because when one of us does well, collectively all of our boats rise.

Listen in to hear about the personal journeys of the listeners with the stories they have submitted and the feedback provided by guests.  Lisa and Mary cap off the episode by sharing how hosting the podcast has touched each of their lives.  You’ll also have the chance to hear how to snag yourself a huge Compliance Week professional development opportunity as one of the podcast’s valued listeners!

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