Ray Pathak is the COO of Nymity, which was recently acquired by TrustArc. He chats with Tom Fox about the acquisition and how his company is reimagining privacy.

A Powerful Combination
Nymity and TrustArc have been in the compliance space for a combined 40 years. Nymity has research expertise, and TrustArc is versed in automation and technology. The companies coming together with their complementary skills have created something powerful and special in the marketplace.

Reimagining Privacy
Tom asks Ray to expand on its catchphrase, ‘Reimagining Privacy’. It’s about providing data intelligence within the compliance solution, Ray responds, so that companies can do more with less. “We want to empower organizations to understand their data better and by understanding it, be able to do more with their data.” He calls this ‘unleashing the data’.

The wait-and-see approach used by so many companies is a failure waiting to happen, Ray argues. It may solve the problem of today, but it’s not viable long-term because you would have to start from scratch each time a new law comes out. He advocates a more proactive, take-control approach: build out a comprehensive privacy program so when a new law comes out you’re just tweaking your program instead of creating a whole new one.

Embedding four layers of research within their tools so that information is available to clients when they need it, makes Nymity’s solution different from other solutions on the market. Ray goes on to explain how this process brings privacy intelligence to their clients, saving them valuable time. Their comprehensive framework containing 139 different technical and organizational measures, grouped into 13 categories, and mounted to over 900 local and international laws allows clients using the framework to build out their data privacy program to comply with many laws.

Future Trends
Tom asks Ray to comment on the top issues in data privacy for 2020 and beyond. Ray responds that the first issue is the impact laws like CCPA will have. More states are coming out with privacy laws, likely to be more comprehensive than CCPA, he predicts. The second issue he talks about is making data privacy easier for people. Privacy is becoming more complex, but their privacy intelligence tool makes it more accessible for clients. Thirdly, he says that by combining technology with research, his company is helping to provide insights to organizations with their solution.