Great women in Compliance come from all different backgrounds (we love diversity!) but also don’t necessarily work in Compliance Officer roles.  There are many Compliance related functions that we interact with and benefit from on a regular basis as Compliance professionals. Today we are pleased to feature one of such wonderful examples – Sarah Hadden who is the owner and publisher of Corporate Compliance Insights (CCI).  CCI is a news outlet with articles and featuring podcasts such as the Great Women in Compliance (GWIC) podcast .  The best thing about it is that it’s free to access and Sarah intends to keep it that way.  Which is welcome news for all of us carefully counting our Compliance budget pennies!  Sarah also features on one of our sister podcasts on the Compliance Podcast Network as series regular on Everything Compliance.
We talk about:
  1. Sarah’s decision-making when confronted with several forks in the road.
  2. The CCI origin story and free of charge offerings for Compliance professionals.
  3. Tips for getting an article accepted by a Compliance publication.
  4. Hot topics of the moment… and not so hot topics because they’ve been written about so often it’s the same article re-published over and over – yes we’re looking at you GDPR readiness.
  5. What makes a thought leader.
Lisa and Mary count Sarah as one of the GWIC podcast’s greatest supporters.  She has sponsored several episodes, provides ideas and inspiration for episodes and cheers us on from the sidelines when not in the game as a guest on the show herself!  We are extremely grateful for Sarah’s encouragement and promotion of our podcast on CCI.

Listen in to hear about how Sarah, a trained journalist, found her Compliance destiny.

Check out Corporate Compliance Insights here.