Compliance into the Weeds is the only weekly podcast which takes a deep dive into a compliance related topic, literally going into the weeds to more fully explore a subject. In this episode, Matt Kelly and I go into the weeds to explore the President’s recent imbroglio regarding Hurricane Dorian, Alabama and sharpies.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Why was this episode so creepy?
  • What is a Level 5 business leader and why are those traits so valued in business?
  • What would happen if a business leader intentionally misrepresented his company’s products?
  • If you threaten to fire all who disagree with the Leader’s comments, what will it do for the future of the organization?
  • What was the failure of compensating controls?
  • What should a Board of Directors do if a CEO engages in material misrepresentations?

For additional reading see Matt’s blog post, Sharp(ie) Insights in Speak Up Culture, on Radical Compliance.