Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley.

In episode 47 of the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley are pleased to feature Sofia El Mansouri, a native of Morocco who has spent many years practicing Compliance in the Middle East.

Sofia outlines for us the current state of the fight against corruption in the Morocco, including ambitions of the National Anti-Corruption Commission to do its part in focusing on Ethics and Compliance.

Sofia also shares the perspective of someone sitting at the desk of a Compliance function in the Middle East and highlights some of the key risk areas as well as give pointers on a couple of key aspects to be aware of to make sure you’re covering adequately if you’re a Compliance Officer outside of the Middle East region but with remit over the area.

As a veritable professional media guru, Sofia kindly shares her recipe for crafting value-add LinkedIn posts that create engagement and facilitate topical discussion as well as give the author solid professional media presence which in turn builds your profile.

Our final thought for the episode is an easy tip that you can implement now at the outset of the year that will not only make your end of year performance appraisal a breeze to complete but also serve as useful preparation for your next job interview.

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