In this episode of Life with GDPR, Jonathan Armstrong and Tom Fox have their first emergency podcast. Earlier this week, the Irish Data Protection Commission raided Facebook in Ireland over the company’s announced plan to begin a dating service on Valentine’s Day. Some of the highlights in this episode include:

  1. What is the to-do all about?
  2. Do European data protection authorities have dawn raid powers?
  3. What might the Irish Data Protection Commission have been looking for in this raid?
  4. What is the role of a DPIA in this process and why is it so critical?
  5. When should a DPIA be carried out?
  6. How can a DPIA a mitigating or aggravating factor?
  7. What is the importance of training around DPIAs?
  8. What does this mean for companies and clients going forward?


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Cordery Client Alert “Ireland’s Data Protection Authority Halts Facebook Dating Service