This week’s guest on the Innovation In Compliance podcast is Ben Wolf, founder and CEO of Wolf’s Edge Consulting. He chats with Tom Fox about how his company helps entrepreneurs systematize their business operations to achieve their goals.

From Lawyer To Consultant

Ben describes his career path from corporate attorney to founding his own company as a “twisting and turning journey.” He relates how he was introduced to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) framework, and the success the company enjoyed as a result of implementing it. After three years, he realized that he wanted to help other organizations grow in the same way. “So I went out on my own,” he says. Today, his consulting company helps other entrepreneurs implement EOS. 

The EOS Process

Tom asks Ben to describe the EOS process and how he helps entrepreneurs use EOS to grow their business. Ben responds that a business must be able to carry out its goals in order to be successful. “It’s just critical for any business to be able to have a good structure for how to set goals and then create discipline and accountability for getting those done,” he points out. The EOS is a framework for running all aspects of a business. In particular, it aims to help strengthen the six key areas of the business: vision, people, data, process, issue solving and traction. It helps companies achieve: 

  1. Vision –  getting everybody in the organization on the same page.
  2. Traction – getting people executing on the vision with discipline and accountability. 
  3. Healthy – having a professional, functional, cohesive and functional leadership team.

Ben relates how companies can contract an EOS implementer like Wolf’s Edge, if they think it would be a good fit.

Ben’s Podcast

Tom says he was honored to be a guest on Ben’s podcast, Win Win – An Entrepreneurial Community. Ben shares two reasons why he started the podcast and why he chose its name. 


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