Gio Gallo, and his brother and co-CEO Nick Gallo, joined ComplianceLine because they saw a need for better vendor partners in the compliance industry. Their mission is to help more people every day. Today they care for the leaders who care for six million people around the world. Gio joins Tom Fox on this week’s show to talk about why the human element in compliance is mandatory and why it’s going to stay that way far into the future.

Taking Care of People
ComplianceLine helps compliance leaders by giving them actionable information so they can take care of their people. Gio lists the services his company offers, such as issue intake and case management, and hotline. 

Data Cannot Replace Humans
Tom comments about the increasing importance of collecting and monitoring data, given regulatory mandates. He asks Gio why he believes that data cannot be allowed to replace the human element. Gio responds that automation is great, for machines. However, you can’t define every scenario or what should be done in every interaction, so there’s no way you can automate everything. In addition, where there are issues that involve people, you need people to find information, and to plan and execute the appropriate fixes. As more repetitive tasks become automated, the human element is going to become more important, Gio predicts.

Hotlines and Empathy
The human element of compliance is especially relevant in hotlines. People expect that human-caused problems with human-required solutions have human-considered interactions, Gio says. People calling in to report a problem need to feel heard and that their issue is being considered by someone who will do something about it. Tom commends Gio on a ComplianceLine blog post entitled, I Hope Things Get Better for You: The Importance Of Empathy In Compliance Reporting. Gio responds that empathy drives effectiveness. It’s also the way to show care and respect for others. Anyone calling your hotline should feel cared for and listened to. When you engage with them in a caring way, you understand where they’re coming from and you get better information. You can now follow up and close issues faster, and ultimately take care of damaging risks more quickly.

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