Yet another way to consider using audit for continuous improvement is through the Integrity Audit. Mary Jo White in an article entitled “What I’ve Learned About White Collar Crime” provided insight into not only white-collar criminals but the integrity of companies. Her framework lays out a way for you to think through an underutilized tool for continuous improvement, the integrity audit.

When Mary Jo White or Jonathan Marks write, you need to read, digest what they have to say and implement their suggestions. The ideas that they forward are not new, revolutionary or in the least bit controversial. Yet integrity is not often considered by compliance professionals. With the Business Roundtable’s Statement of Corporate Purpose integrity has been driven to the forefront in the rasion d’etre of a corporation. Failing to have integrity at the top or down through your organization can lead to significant corporate calamity.

Three key takeaways:

  1. The Integrity Audit is an underutilized tool.
  2. Ego and arrogance at the CEO level can lead to catastrophic corporate failures.
  3. A robust report culture can demonstrate and facilitate corporate integrity.