The Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs, 2019 Guidance, makes clear that operationalization of compliance into an organization should be done at multiple levels. The 2019 Guidance also called out culture as a key indicia for an ethical culture. Creating an ethical culture is an important step for any company to burn compliance into the DNA of a business. It must be done at every level of an organization on a continuous basis. Human Resources (HR) can play a key role in both the creation and maintenance of an ethical culture.

Ethics and compliance blend together in the corporate world. It is not just the responsibility of CCOs and compliance practitioners but of HR to support those employees who want to do the right thing. While written protocols are significant in both detection and prevention, one should never lose sight of a corporate culture as a way to positively impact your workforce and company going forward.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Beware of the three obstacles to creating an ethical culture.
  2. What really matters in your company?
  3. A speak up culture will improve the operational performance of your business.