Welcome to this special five-part podcast series with Jay Rosen, VP of Business Development for Affiliated Monitors, Inc. (AMI), who is the sponsor of this podcast series. Corporate culture exists in the space between what an organization professes and what it does, yet who bears the responsibility for establishing and maintaining an ethical culture? In this series Jay and I will be exploring key aspects of corporate culture, including why it matters, what influences culture, the CCOs role in culture, assessing corporate culture and how to use that information to improve culture. In this Part III, we consider to what extent the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) should be involved in shaping a culture of ethics and driving ethical behavior.

 Highlights include:

  • Who bears the responsibility for culture?
  • The duty most often falls to the CCO, so both the CCO and the entire compliance function need to be able to coordinate the various inputs and support mechanisms that guide employee behavior.
  • The CCO is often the face of the ethics program for the company – kind of the spokesperson for the company who helps to drive behavior.
  • In hiring and recruiting, a CCO can create a culture where an organization would only hire the right type of people as employees.
  • When managing upward, the CCO has an equally critical mandate through unfettered access to provide information to the Board regarding the compliance and ethics posture at the company, specifically including the culture.
  • What are the warning signs of an unethical culture?
  • It is up to the CCO to understand and have their finger on what the culture is, where the challenges are and what needs to be done to continually strengthen the culture.

Please join us for Episode 4, where we explore how a company can begin to assess its own culture.

For more information see Jay’s blog post What is the CCO’s Role in Strengthening the Organization’s Culture of Ethics?on Corporate Compliance Insights.

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