The CPN Media Kit

The Compliance Podcast Network (#CPN) is the only podcast network in the compliance field. There are many ways you can work with us and gain access to our more than 250,000 listeners.


From operationalizing your compliance program to best practices and dealing with the latest issues and trends, you can find a book to fit your needs. Published at least once a year, the information you need is up-to-date, fresh, and related to what’s happening in the world. Sponsor a chapter—or the entire book.

Partner Roundtables

The Compliance Podcast Network roundtables bring together a select group of compliance, risk, ESG, and ethics professionals to discuss the critical issues affecting their business in a specific market. The roundtables begin at $20,000 per event and can be combined to create a series.

Sponsored Content

Sponsor content in the blog, podcast, newsletter, and/or premium content. You provide the experts. We produce the content. There are bronze, silver, and gold sponsorships available.

Repurposed Multi-Media Assets

Want to repurpose your sponsorship and interviews for internal use? We create multi-media assets for you to use internally and externally to support your investment.

Premium Content

Premium content from the Compliance Podcast Network features long-form journalism that analyzes the issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the business and the practice of ethics, risk, compliance, and ESG. With your subscription to the premium content, you’ll also receive an exclusive email newsletter, monthly masterclass, and premium podcast.

Research, Analysis, & Trends

The Compliance Podcast Network is committed to excellence in ethics, risk, compliance, and ESG. To advance this goal, we produce at least annual research that is innovative and influential to help organizations plan for, prepare for, and attend to the latest in compliance trends and issues. There are bronze, silver, and gold sponsorships available.

Email, Blog, Podcast

Sponsor the email newsletter, the blog, or the podcast network with a customized approach to your organizational needs.

Masterclasses and Events

In-person, virtual, and hybrid events and masterclasses created to help you operationalize compliance, for it is only in the doing of compliance that companies have a real chance of avoiding FCPA liability. There are bronze, silver, and gold sponsorships available.

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