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1 in 5 Americans listened to a podcast in 2019. Tens of thousands of them listened to a show from the Compliance Podcast Network. 

About the Compliance Podcast Network:

  • More than 200,000 monthly downloads and hits.
  • 40 Unique Shows, with new shows added every month.
  •  More than 30,000 daily followers on Social Media.
  • Multiple Daily Episodes of different network shows.
  • Host Tom Fox – the Compliance Evangelist – is a well-known and sought-after speaker, author and prolific content creator.


What Our Sponsors Have to Say…

Consistent Listenership and Engagement

“Working with Tom has been a seamless process from start to finish. He is receptive and flexible, and our podcasts with him return consistent listenership and engagement. Our thought leaders have enjoyed participating, too.”  

Lindsay Sweeney- Media Relations Manager at K2 Intelligence

Maintain and Increase Relevance

“When Tom founded the Compliance Podcast Network in, Affiliated Monitors was excited to have access to the only dedicated compliance outlet on the web.  We have been fortunate to have our managing directors offer their opinions on “The FCPA Compliance Report,” “Compliance and Coronavirus”, “Innovation in Compliance and most recently we collaborated with CPN to launch the “Affiliated Monitors Expert Podcast.” Our association with Tom Fox, the Voice of Compliance, has helped Affiliated Monitors, Inc. maintain and increase our relevance in the Ethics & Compliance. This is all due to his tireless work and vision.  We are grateful for our collaboration with Tom Fox, CPN and look forward to his next big podcast idea!”

Jay Rosen, Vice President, Affiliated Monitors, Inc.

Real-World Understanding

Unique Perspectives“Our clients fully embrace both the experience and the outcome associated with being on Tom’s podcasts. Tom brings a real-world understanding of complex compliance matters that offers a unique opportunity for an in-depth, but approachable, conversation on the topics of the day. They always appreciate the experience as a break from the grind – and the resulting leads.” 

Padraic Swanton- Associate Vice President at Greentarget Global Group

Unique Perspectives

“The Compliance Podcast Network is a fantastic resource created by someone who lives and breathes ethics and compliance. It’s one of my favorite places for industry news and unique perspectives, and I love how unselfish Tom is in sharing his platform, prowess, and reach with others. If you ever want to listen and learn, or share your own opinions and ideas, the CPN is there for you, and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Sean Freidlin, Global Director of Product Marketing, SAI Global

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Podcast listeners are highly engaged, loyal and receptive to endrosements from the hosts they follow. Subscribers tend to listen to every episode of shows they subscribe to, and have excellent recall of products and brands and offers mentioned.

Sponsorhip includes up to 10 shows on the Compliance Podcast Network.

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