Jen Snyder is the chief evangelist at GovQA, a technology company providing compliance software for governments. Tom Fox welcomes her to this week’s show as they discuss the compliance challenges facing governments, and how her company’s software is helping combat those challenges.

Government Challenges

Tom asks Jen to explain why management of government requirements is so critical and difficult. “In the government industry, everything you’re doing is being done with government money, so everyone has the right to understand what’s being done with that money,” she remarks. She adds that many of the challenges the government faces are because the private sector is ahead in terms of documentation: while the private sector’s documents and records are digitized, the government’s are still on paper. The pandemic has mandated a remote workforce, but adapting to a new normal is not familiar to government culture, Jen remarks.

Data Governance

With data governance, there is both the tactical solution and the strategic solution. Tom asks Jen to elaborate on how GovQA helps companies in these areas. “What we do as a company is we look and follow each state’s legislative rulings on how they need to manage data,” she says. GovQA always follows the process of CEO departments and governor offices’ data governance policies. Jen expresses that with the changes of the pandemic, and the civil unrest within the US, states are now re-evaluating their policies, and with that comes new data areas that need new governance.

Being Compliant

Jen talks about the software GovQA has in assisting companies with legal holds. She iterates that the software allows the organization to build an audit trail and then stores it within specific software, so it can be accessed when necessary. Customers can feel confident that their data is protected: the company follows federal standards and guidelines and even goes further to bring in a third-party auditor. Rigid adherence to compliance standards is part of GovQA’s workplace culture, Jen emphasizes.



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