Welcome to the Great Women in Compliance Podcast, co-hosted by Lisa Fine and Mary Shirley. In episode 49, Mary Shirley, speaks with Carrie Penman, Chief Compliance Officer at Navex Global. They visit about the convergence of compliance risk and operational risk.

Once referred to by Matt Kelly as a “national treasure”, the GWIC team is pleased to feature Carrie Penman, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer of Navex Global in episode 49. Mary speaks with Carrie about the convergence of operational and compliance risk, what it’s like being a Compliance professional at a Compliance vendor as opposed to in-house in other industries and Carrie shares two of her favorite success stories with us – because GWIC believe it’s important to celebrate in the successes of other women.

Of course, we would be remiss not to tap into Carrie’s insider insights as a specialist within the world of reporting hotlines.  So we ask her for a behind the scenes peak as to her thoughts on the common pitfalls companies make when rolling out reporting mechanisms and how to best troubleshoot these issues.  We spend time discussing what companies can do to make their hotline a success, including concerted efforts to re-vamp your reporting line communications campaign and why it’s important to re-visit it, as well as the difficult topic of Compliance Officers sometimes being the most reluctant to speak up.

Mary wraps up the episode by sharing a simple tip for positively drawing attention to your achievements by inserting favorable adverbs when mentioning your work – something that studies show men are typically much better at than their female counterparts, so let’s level the playing field by putting the advice into action!

It’s an episode packed with high value content and as always, Carrie Penman is a crowd pleaser.

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