Tom Fox is literally the guy who wrote the book on compliance with his seminal one volume book “The Compliance Handbook” published in May 2018 which was the No. 1 new bestseller on through its initial run. Additionally, Tom has authored 16 books on business leadership, compliance and ethics and corporate governance, including the international best-sellers “Lessons Learned on Compliance and Ethics” and “Best Practices Under the FCPA and Bribery Act” as well as his award-winning series Fox on Compliance.

Tom leads the social media discussion on compliance with his award-winning blog, The FCPA Compliance and Ethics Blog and is the Voice of Compliance, having founded the 40 show Compliance Podcast Network. He is also a member of the C-Suite Radio Network. He can be reached at Get more great episodes over on Repurpose House, or watch the interview on YouTube!

What You’ll Learn

  • [01:29] Tom Fox, the compliance evangelist, shares his mission and how the term “evangelist” reflects his goals as the voice of compliance.
  • [02:36] With most of his time occupied with managing 40 podcast shows, Tom shares what his processes are and the basic overview of the wide array of content he does.
  • [06:25] Tom shares how he strategizes promoting all of his shows on social media.
  • [08:58] “The only thing I swear by is doing more.”
  • [10:37] The importance of consistency in scheduling and creating content to garner a loyal audience and reaching more people
  • [11:59] Tom shares two of his best podcasts he recommends for business owners and marketers to check out for tips and strategies.
  • [14:30] Tom swears by repurposing the coolest parts of his podcasts and sharing them on social media, and no matter how old the content is, you can always breathe new life to it.
  • [16:52] What’s his best performing piece of content? Tom shares the most unique and successful podcast episode he’s ever done.
  • [18:10] Number one: go niche and go big. Number two: do a daily topic that you are passionate about.

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