This is still a tricky area for most legally trained compliance professionals as law schools are far behind the business world in teaching these skills. Yet, not only data analysis but also the presentation of data in a visual format will be a key skill for every Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) and compliance practitioner going forward. However, if you do not possess those skills yourself, you can create a kitchen cabinet of experts, from the talent available across your company, which  you can call upon to help you going forward. For the CCO, this will require extensive out of the box thinking to help you not only understand the data and analytics but think through how to present it in the most efficient manner to your leadership.

Three key takeaways:

  1. Look for talented and curious employees to be a part of your data science team.
  2. Encourage cross-mentoring to facilitate skills learning and transference.
  3. Moving the final mile is the most challenging.