In this week’s Great Women in Compliance Podcast, Lisa interviews Danette Joslyn-Gaul, Vice President of Global Compliance and Associate General Counsel at Pearson.   This episode is also sponsored by Corporate Compliance Insights.
In April of this year, Lisa joined Pearson as the Director, Compliance for the Americas.  When Lisa learned about the role, she started researching the company, and Danette.  Danette had been shortlisted for the Women in Compliance awards, both in her individual capacity and for the compliance team.  This was one of the things that made this such a great opportunity for Lisa, and as you will hear in the podcast, it is one great example of the connections that are built in compliance teams and in the compliance community as a whole.
In particular, Danette talks about how she became interested in this compliance role while at Pearson, and how her involvement in compliance grew from a perception of compliance as primarily gifts and hospitality, to a fully-formed ethics and compliance program. She discusses one of the team’s first major initiatives – a global third-party due diligence project, and the support she received from Pearson leadership and the Board.  This project spanned the entire globe, and is a model for a due diligence initiative.
Danette is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and leads a team where many team members are in different locations or remote (and none in Atlanta).  She discusses her approach to leading this type of team, and how she helps the team to evolve and grow in a time of change within the company and global compliance challenges.