Josh Turpen is the Chief Product Officer of Jama Software. He says that early in his career he came to understand the importance of good requirements and testing, and the ability to tie it all together. Their Jama Connect solution, he argues, is “the premier requirements management test and risk tool… as it brings together requirements, test and risk in a way that our customers can have good traceability and good verification.” He and Tom Fox chat about the importance of being an enabler, as well as product development lifecycle management in this week’s show.

A Larger View on Risk

Josh says that Jama’s experience in diverse industries gives them a broader view of risk. With this wide expertise, they are able to help their clients see how product requirements and tests tie back to risk, and how requirements, risk and tests change with product alterations. Tom comments that changing external risk – such as the present pandemic – calls for new risk assessments. Josh agrees. “Overall,” Josh says, “re-evaluating risk with external events in mind is a good practice. And you’ve gotta have a system that enables that.” He and Tom discuss document-based solutions versus item-based, and why he believes item-based solutions are better.

Managing Product Development

It’s important for engineers to know what they’re building and why, Josh says. He argues that it helps them make better decisions. That buy-in is a critical component of success: “One of the key enablers of success is that holistic picture that… everybody is bought in on and understand,” he says. You need to hire good people and be an enabler, he adds. “It’s not what you do. It’s what you can help your team do.” Tom asks him to define product development lifecycle management. Josh explains that it’s seeing the scope of the product development from end to end. 


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