Aaron Agius is one of the world’s leading digital marketers according to Forbes. He is CEO of Louder.Online, one of the world’s leading digital agencies with offices in USA, Australia and Asia.

Aaron has a significant social following and founded the Global Marketing Leaders Group on Linkedin with over 11,000 active members of the marketing community. Aaron regularly contributes to some of the world’s largest editorial publications, including Forbes, Fortune, Entrepreneur.com, hubspot.com, business.com, ContentMarketingInstitute.com, VentureBeat.com, CMO.com.au, FastCompany.com and many more, with thought leadership on marketing and business growth.

Aaron works globally with clients such as Salesforce, IBM, Coca-Cola, Intel and scores of leading brands, showing them how to technically optimize their sites, perform influencer outreach and link acquisition and produce and distribute content that drives significant lead generation and ROI.

Aaron regularly speaks at conferences around the globe including the U.S, UK, Brazil, London and Australasia. His passion to help businesses is driven from his own experience. Aaron was at the cutting edge of the emerging digital marketing field over 12 years ago. He uses that lived experience and now translates it into revenue for clients. Get more great episodes over on Repurpose House, or watch the interview on YouTube!

What You’ll Learn

  • [01:03] Aaron Agius introduces Louder.Online and what they do — helping businesses grow globally.
  • [02:07] What are their current content marketing goals? Aaron shares that a lot of it comes down to referrals and strategic PR.
  • [06:14] “When we create a piece of content, we know the purpose behind why we are creating it and the client knows.”
  • [07:12] Aaron talks about their best-perfoming content so far.
  • [09:32] Strategic networking and connections immensely helps with getting far with your strategy.
  • [10:55] “It wasn’t the spray and pray approach. It’s not about hitting iup so many publications and using automated tools to pitch.” It’s about nurturing network relationships and doing your research.
  • [13:24] Amplifying success by repurposing content that works and not just churning out so much content with no purpose.
  • [17:22] How does Aaron’s team put out so much amazing content? A lot of it comes down to a strong strategy and purposeful posting.
  • [21:49] “Spend a lot more time actually creating something of value and different to how other people are doing and watch what happens.”