As March roars in as its traditional lion, Tom and Jay look at this week’s stories top compliance and ethics stories which caught their interest on This Week in FCPA.


  1. Apple announces a compliance website. Harry Cassin in the FCPA Blog. Matt Kelly in Radical Compliance.
  2. What are some principles for victim remediation in ABC enforcement action. Sam Hickey in Global Anticorruption Blog.
  3. ESG is ‘having a moment’. Dave Lefort in Compliance Week. (sub req’d)
  4. Global trends on ABC enforcement. Stephanie Yonekura and Ann Kim on CCI.
  5. Ex-SBM Offshore Executive convicted in UK SFO Bribery Case. Jonathan Armstrong in Cordery Compliance.
  6. FCPA themes from 2020. Jonathan Marks in Board and Fraud.
  7. Board liability increases around compliance programs. Mike Volkov in Crime Corruption and Compliance.
  8. Global trends in corporate governance. In the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Goverance.

Podcasts and Events

  1. On The Compliance Life, Rob Chesnut joins me for the month of March. In the first episode, Rob talks about his academic career at UVA and how its Honor Code influenced his thinking about ethics in his professional career and his his career as an AUSA. Check out Episode 1.
  2. Microsoft joins the Compliance Podcast Network, with two podcasts, Voice of Data Protection, hosted by Bhavanesh Rengarajan Protection and Uncovering Hidden Risks, hosted by Raman Kalyan Talhah Mir. Episode 1 of Voices of Data Protection is available here. Episode 1 of Uncovering Hidden Risks is available here.
  3. Convercent rolls out a new podcast this week on the Compliance Podcast Network, The Ethics & Compliance Library, hosted by Lauren Siegel. Check out Episode 1 where Siegel takes a deep dive into Blind Spots by Ann Tenbrunsel and Max Bazerman.
  4. Join K2 Integrity’s financial crimes risk and compliance experts on March 18 as they discuss the impact of ongoing developments in the financial integrity community. Topics will include: Regulatory trends and predictions for 2021 and beyond, Changes in the AML/CFT and ABC landscape, and Implications of evolving OFAC sanctions programs. Registration and Information here.
  5. Join K2 Integrity for a webinar, “Libya: New Government—Opportunities for the Construction Industry” on March 11, where Paul Ryan and Sabrine Hassen will be joined by guest speaker John Davie of Altra Capital to discuss the opportunities and risks in post-conflict Libya for the construction industry. Registration and information here.
  6. Tom announces his latest book, The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition is available for presale purchase. Use the code FOX25 and go hereThe Compliance Handbook 2ndedition will be available in both print and eBook editions. This week on The Compliance Handbook podcast, the ladies from #GWIC join Tom for a deep dive into written standards.

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