Is compliance the happiest profession? Are you passionate about compliance? If you are either or both, you are not alone. Guest Host Karen Woody and Tom Fox look at these and other stories this week in the Happiest Profession edition.


  1. Is Compliance the happiest profession? Amii Bernard-Bahn explores in Compliance Week (Sub Req’d)
  2. Report on SEC Enforcement Activity: Public Companies and Subsidiaries for 2021. Tom Gorman in SEC Actions.
  3. Supply chain and compliance. Mike Volkov in Corruption Crime and Compliance. Dick Cassin in the FCPA Blog.
  4. What does ESG mean for the SEC? Commissioner Crenshaw remarks to the Pepsico-PWE Conference in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.
  5. Corruption as psychic revenge. Richard Bistrong in the FCPA Blog.
  6. Mitigating cyber risks. Debevoise Plimpton lawyers in Compliance and Enforcement.
  7. COP26 wrap up. What are the lessons for compliance? Lawrence Heim in PracticalESG.
  8. SEC broke all whistleblower awards in FY 2021. Aaron Nicodemus in Compliance Week (Sub Req’d) Carrie Penman says it’s a wakeup call for companies in Ethics and Compliance Matters.
  9. Diversity at the top. Jim Deloach in CCI.
  10. How did Classical Athenians define corruption? Kellam Conover in GAB.

Podcasts and Events

  1. Have you or a loved one been impacted by Lyme Disease? This week I have run a 5-part series on this most misunderstood malady with Dr. Ben Locwin and Scott Endicott. In Part 1 we looked at Origins. In Part 2 we considered the Diagnosis Dilemma. In Part 3 we reviewed Treatment and Innovation. In Part 4, we discussed Prevention and Immunity. In Part 5, we looked ahead for where this disease detection, prevention and treatment might be heading.
  2. Are you exasperated? Then check, F*ing Argentina. In this podcast series co-hosts Tom Fox and Gregg Greenberg, author of F*ing Argentina explore the current American psyche of being overworked, over leveraged, overtired and overwhelmed. Find out about modern America’s exasperation with well…exasperation. In Episode 10, a trip on the New Jersey Turnpike.
  3. This month on The Compliance Life, I visit with Wendy Badger, CCO at Tennant. In Part 1, she details her academic career and early professional life. In Part 2, changing ladders to advance your career. In Part 3, Wendy moves into the CCO Chair.
  4. How does a Compliance Bible become a best-seller? Check out Tom’s appearance on the C-Suite Network’s Best Seller TV to find out. Purchase The Compliance Handbook, 2nd edition here.

Tom Fox is the Voice of Compliance and can be reached at Karen Woody is Associate Professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law and can be reached at