On today’s episode of Great Women in Compliance, Lisa speaks with Letitia Adu Ampoma, Director, Peverett Maxwell.   Peverett Maxwell provides compliance consulting and advisory services to organisations working in Africa, and she is based in Ghana. Lisa and Letitia met at the 2016 SCCE European conference and heard Letitia speak about the culture of compliance in Africa, and the differences between Africa and the west, and also between countries and regions in Africa.
Letitia’s career has taken her all over the world, and she started in compliance when she moved back to Ghana just as the UK Bribery Act was introduced.  She has become a leader in global compliance, and discussed cultural differences that all compliance practitioners should consider when working in Africa, the importance of how to focus on processes and goals, and key compliance trends in Africa right now, especially mobile banking and data privacy.
Letitia has lived all over the world, and this has impacted her viewpoint both on best practices in compliance and in business as a whole.  Letitia has always followed her instinct, whether it was to move home to Ghana from the UK, or to get involved in compliance, or to work in companies or now at Peverett Maxwell in her current role.  Her wealth of knowledge and experiences – makes her a #gwic and great friend.