We previously considered how AI can be used as a business advantage for compliance. The power of AI can extend the more traditional functions of prevention, detection and remediation. The first way is in simply the mass amount of data which could inundate a compliance practitioner. Many compliance practitioners are overwhelmed about the amount of data available to them and do not know how or even where to begin.

Patrick Taylor has said that AI allows the compliance practitioner to understand the “subtle clues in that pattern of activity that will clue me in to take a different look.” He likened it to seeing “patterns in raked leaves” which allows you to then step in and take a deeper and broader look at an issue, either through an audit or investigation. This is where compliance practitioner can step back and literally keep an eye on the big picture and longer term as opposed to just the immediate numbers and information in front of them. It may also be the best hope for finding that kind of systemic fraudulent behavior

Three key takeaways:

  1. Do you know what your information means?
  2. AI can help both the detect and prevent prongs in a best practices compliance program.
  3. AI can help you to see the patterns in raked leaves.