This past weekend I was lucky enough to catch the performance of King Learwith Glenda Jackson as the mad king. It was a magnificent production and if you have the chance to see, I would certainly urge you to do so. The production had many interesting features and interpretations which seemed to be great entrees into several compliance topics. The play was directed by Sam Gold and it was scored by Phillip Glass but the star power was derived from Jackson as King Lear. It was a fabulous take on the story and one that will resonate directly to our turbulent times. Therefore, inspired by octogenarian Jackson and her performance, I am going to use King Lear as a deep dive into several compliance topics this week. Today, I want to use the nature of the production, to introduce the day’s topic of some great new innovation and additions to the Compliance Podcast Network.

Gold’s Lear production was both unique and innovative. It was quite a large stage but the lightening was used to great effect. When the director wanted to shift the action, to another group of actors or topic, the lights were simply shut off to the actors not involved. They did not have to exit the stage and then return. This allowed them to remain on stage and the action could move back and forth without disruption.

The second innovation was in the use of music. While I am generally not a fan of music in Shakespeare, unless used in the original show notes, such as bugles blaring; I am not a fan of music in the performances. However there was a classical quartet which played throughout the performance that I felt truly enhanced the entire production. Finally, I normally revolt at any singing in a Shakespearian production. There were a couple of singing scenes which almost worked for me but at least they did not detract from the overall performance.

These two innovations in lighting and music introduce today’s topic. As many of you know, the Compliance Podcast Network is now available through the online streaming service Spotify. With the revamp of Corporate Compliance Insights (CCI), the Compliance Podcast Network is now available on that site as well. Both of these additions are in addition to the other platforms I currently distribute the podcasts through, including the FCPA Compliance Report, Megaphone, JDSupra, YouTube and iTunes. By adding Spotify and CCI to the number of platforms for distribution of the Compliance Podcast Network, it continues to have the widest reach of any podcast in compliance.

Continuing this theme of innovation at the Compliance Podcast Network, I am extraordinarily pleased to announce that there are two new podcasts, which have been approved by iTunes,  and now join Great Women in Compliance as two additional non-Tom Fox produced podcasts, Modern Medium and Phorensically Speaking. They premier on this site today, as well as all other platforms going forward. They will be posted bi-weekly going forward.

The podcast Modern Medium is presented by Paris Fox  and will help the compliance practitioner understand two key challenges: communicating compliance to millennials and the full use of graphic design and art in a best practices compliance program. While you probably do not consider the philosophy behind the use of graphic arts to be a part of your compliance remit, if you follow this podcast you will not only understand the use of this communication tool but also more broadly understand communications in the context of your compliance program. Finally, your communication with millennials will be the largest part of your job going forward because they will likely constitute the largest component of your workforce. Reaching them and incorporating their thought leadership into your compliance program will be a key for you moving forward. Finally, if you find yourself stuck in a creative rut, sometimes it’s difficult to know where to begin with an idea. Even when you do have an idea, it’s easy to get caught up in what you think something is supposed to be or what it’s supposed to look like. It is an important part of the process to learn how to let go. The Modern Medium podcast will assist you in this quest!

The podcast Phorensically Speaking is presented by Jonathan Marks. Marks is a prolific author, speaker and thought leader in the forensic accounting space. You may know him from his blog, Board and Fraud, speaking at industry events or scholarly articles. If you have been fortunate enough to work with him, consider yourself lucky for having collaborated with a thought leader in the field. I have been after Marks to join the compliance podcast network for some time and he has finally done so. Listen in and learn from one of the country’s top forensic accountants/compliance practitioners about the difference in perspective from a legal trained compliance practitioner.

In addition to these two great new podcasts premiering today, I have added two podcasts from outstanding podcasts series. They are Dupe of the Week, a weekly podcast that discusses deception in a variety of areas such as business, politics, education, nonprofits and love. It’s a quick way to protect yourself from becoming a victim. Join forensic accounting experts Kelly Richmond Pope and Bill Kresse for a look into the latest scams. Some of the most recent podcasts include the college-admissions scandal, the Fyre Festival, Christmas purchasing scams and many others.

The second podcast addition is Mike Volkov’s signature podcast from his website, Corruption, Crime & Compliance. In addition to his uber-cool use of the Henry Mancini’s The Pink Panther theme music, he breaks down the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), compliance, data privacy, anti-trust and a wide variety of other issues. It is also a weekly podcast.

I hope you will join me all week and more importantly enjoy my exploration of this most innovate and unique production of King Learas well as the story of one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies to introduce a daily compliance topic. Tomorrow I will consider the story of Lear’s family, as it was presented as the key to this latest production of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy.

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