Richard Lummis and I are back. Today, continue our annual review of Oscar winning Best Pictures and the leadership lessons drawn from them. Over the next four weeks we will consider the following movies: Casablanca, Rocky, The Greatest Show on Earth and Out of Africa. Today, we continue our series with one of the very all-time boxing movies, Rocky.

Highlights of this podcast include:

  1. What are our favorites scenes from the movie? No one who you anything, you owe yourself, get the work done and we are all underdogs.
  2. What are the leadership lessons from Rocky Balboa? Repetition will make you great, tech can be a great business advantage but never forget the human element and practice for the worst.
  3. What are the leadership lessons from Apollo Creed? The mind is the greatest muscle and pay attention to those behind you.
  4. What are the leadership lessons from Rocky’s trainer-Mick?
  5. What are the leadership lesson from the boxing ring? Go the distance and think long term, it’s not about how hard you punch but how hard a punch you can take and go back into the ring when it’s the toughest.
  6. Do these lessons hold up today?


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