This week I embark on a five-part podcast series sponsored by Hanzo. In this series we consider how to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) in compliance investigations. In this series I am joined by several members of the Hanzo team as we explore the current best practices around investigations and how your compliance function can take investigations to a level of cost efficiency and operational proficiency. Our explorations includes considering the current Department of Justice (DOJ) guidance on investigations, the use of AI in the Hanzo Investigator, how Hanzo technology can help a company overcome common investigative challenges and Hanzo’s specific approach to finding and managing data across the entire lifecycle of an investigation. We begin today with Part 1 where I am joined by Sean Friedlin, Hanzo’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Compliance, to consider the current state of investigations. Join us in our next episode where we consider the Hanzo Dynamic Investigator in more detail and how it will assist you moving forward. For more information visit