Welcome to the latest edition to the Compliance Podcast Network. In this podcast, I am joined by my co-host Carsten Tams, Ethical Business Architect and founder and CEO of Emagence LLC, a boutique consulting firm based in New York City, partners with corporate, academic and NGO clients to develop innovative and evidence-based strategies rooted in behavioral science for solving organizational challenges. Over this podcast series we will explore how Design Thinking can be used to improve your compliance program by increasing employee engagement. In this episode, Carsten and I will explore the framework for Design Thinking and the power of co-creation. Highlights include:

A. What is Co-Creation?

1. Co-Design

2. Open Design

3. Platform Creation

B. Why is structure necessary in co-creation.

C. How does co-creation allow a designer to step outside their own experiences and expertise?

D. How does the business process of compliance, rather than written policies and procedures, lend itself to design thinking?

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Resources – If you are interested in reading about the topics discussed in this session, these are our reading recommendations

1. Human-Centered Design:

Human-Centered Design: An Engaging Ethics & Compliance Program Serves Users’ Needs (Carsten Tams)

The Design of Everyday Things (Don Norman, 1998)

Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design (Kat Holmes, 2018)

2. Co-Creation:

Design Thinking In Compliance-Part 1 (Tom Fox)

The Co-Creation Imperative: If You Build It With Them, They Will Engage (Carsten Tams)

Giving Voice to Values (Mary Gentile)

The power of co-creation: Build it with them to boost growth, productivity, and profits (Venkat Ramaswamy & F.J. Gouillart)