What is organizational culture? Eric R. Feldman, SVP at Affiliated Monitors Inc. (AMI), has said it comprises the mission, vision and values of an organization. A similar way to consider it might be as a company’s values, visions, norms and beliefs. Whichever way you define it or look at it, corporate culture affects how groups within a company interact with each other. A key inquiry is whether the corporate incentive structure supports the articulated beliefs of a company. How does one measure or audit these articulations?

Companies must have a high-performance corporate culture for doing business ethically. One of the ways to do so is through the culture audit. It can also be a powerful tool for continuous improvement going forward. Find out what your employees are saying about your corporate mission, vision and values and most importantly remediate if those mission, vision and values are found wanting.

 Three key takeaways:

  1. What are the mission, vision and values of a company?
  2. What are the compensation and promotion incentives in the culture?
  3. Is your motto “Always be closing” or closer to “doing business ethically and in compliance”?