I was recently interviewed on the Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives Podcast, hosted by Keesa Schreane. I was joined by Charmian Simmons – Performance Director at Refinitiv, Business Development Risk Expert. We discuss ESG in 2020 and beyond together the California Consumer Privacy Act and its impact going forward.

It is always great to move to the other side of the mic. Keesa is a great host (I made her promise to come on one of my podcasts) and Charmian was excellent. We discussed a wide range of topics which every compliance practitioner needs to be cognizant of going forward. Three highlights were what’s coming in the nearest future, what are the best tools for compliance officers and which are the 3 key items to set the game in 2020?

The Refinitiv Sustainability Perspectives (RSP) is a thought-provoking podcast series where we explore the role of responsible leadership and innovation across diverse industries. From ESG investing, to sustainable finance and social impact in our communities, we’re on a journey to leverage data and intelligence to make better business decisions. Get to know the latest trends, discover best practices, and learn from industry leaders. The future is open. Join us as we move forward together to shape it.

I hope you will check it out. I am now a subscriber and you should be as well. To check it out, click here.