On this Ides of March tAs the St. Patrick’s Day weekend is upon, and we are all Irish at least for a day, Tom and Jay are joined by our favorite Irishman (and the Coolest Guy in Compliance), Matt Kelly to take a look at some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their collective eyes this week.

  1. Massive corruption scandal rocks college admissions across the country. Dana Goldstein and Jack Healy in the NYT. Douglas Belkin and Jennifer Levitz in the WSJ. Nick Anderson in the Washington Post.
  2. FARA, FARA, FARA. Katie Brenner in the NYT. Dan Packel in Law.com.
  3. Former KPMG national practice leader convicted in PCAOB scandal. Michael Rapaport reports in the Wall Street Journal.
  4. Will the US finally clamp down on shell companies? Matthew Stephenson is cautiously optimistic in the Global Anti-Corruption Blog. General David Petraeus and Sheldon Whitehouse explain why it’s a national security issue in an Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post.
  5. Head coaches behaving badly as LSU head basketball coach suspended indefinitely in NCAA recruiting scandal. Ross Dellenger reports in Sports Illustrated.
  6. DOJ quietly modifies Corporate FCPA Enforcement Policy. Clare Hudson and Adam Dobrik report in GIR. (sub req’d) DOJ policy of self-disclosure making headway. Mingqi Sun in the WSJ Risk and Compliance Journal.
  7. Did Oracle violate the FCPA? (Tech Central)
  8. 1MDB scandal back in the news as former Goldman Sachs banker Timothy Leissner and Roger Ng banned from banking industry for life. David Simpson reports in Law360. (sub req’d) Also-did Jho Low contribute to Trump campaign? Tom Wright and Bradley Hope in the Wall Street Journal.
  9. How can you engage a BOD on cyber risks? Deloitte’s Khalid Kark, Tonie Leatherberry and Debbie McCormack in the Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance.
  10. Tom continues with fan fav podcast series this week, the Adventures in Compliance this week.Check out the following: Part 1-The Red Circle; Part 2-The Abbey Grange; Part 3– The Priory School; Part 4-The Six Napoleons; and Part 5-The Empty House. The podcast is available on multiple sites: the FCPA Compliance Report, iTunes, JDSupra, Panoply and YouTube. The Compliance Podcast Network is now also on Spotify. It is now on Corporate Compliance Insights.
  11. In a special guest segment, Matt Kelly reports on the highlights from Ethisphere’s Global Business Ethics Summit, which was held this past week in New York.
  12. Check out the latest edition of Popcorn and Compliance where Tom and Jay look at Captain Marvel. It posts Saturday, March 16 on the Compliance Podcast Network.

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