As Donald Trump invites Russia back into the G7 and plans the next summit at his resort.  Tom and Jay look at that COI and discuss some of this week’s top compliance and ethics stories which caught their collective eyes.
1.    How deep is the ocean? Jeff Kaplan asks that metaphorical questions as a way to introduction his piece on Trump’s conflicts of interest.
2.    Why is there is no easy answer to the supply side of bribery? Jessica Tillipman explains.
3.    Matthew Stephenson says it is time to retire the term “passive bribery”.
4.    The use of monitors in licensing and disciplinary proceedings. Jay continues his series.
5.    Deutsche Bank settles ‘sons and daughters’ hiring case..
6.    Fraud allegation hits academia. Jonathan Rausch explains.
7.    What happens when the middle of your organization is rotten? Mike Volkov explains.
8.    What are some of the issues for AI in Compliance? Tom explores in a 4-part blog post series, all on the FCPA Compliance Report.
9.    Interested in the Science of Star, Trek the Original Series? Then this week has been the week for you on the Compliance Podcast Network as Tom was joined by Ben Locwin to look at some of the science from TOS.
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