We come to this episode as somber as we have ever been. President Trump incited insurrection against America, the American people and America’s Democracy on Wednesday. Tom and Jay join the call of Senators and Representative of both political parties to remove President Trump via the 25th Amendment or impeachment. We also have our first look in 2021 at some of the top compliance articles and stories which caught their eye this week.

  1. A game-changer in compliance-the AMLA Law of 2020. Tom takes a deep dive in a 5-part blog post series and podcast series on the FCPA Compliance Report.
  2. Why you need a compliance ‘Victory Plan’ for 2021. Dick Cassin explains in the FCPA Blog.
  3. CFTC’s foray into FCPA enforcement creates new risk factors. Aaron Nicodemus in Compliance Week (sub req’d)
  4. Was the Goldman Sachs FCPA resolution ‘just and appropriate’? Jenny Kline in GAB.
  5. Is your digital culture mature? Jim DeLoach in CCI.
  6. What are your compliance resolutions for 2021? Andrew Burt in Navex Global’s Risk & Compliance Matters
  7. First SolarWinds shareholder action filed. Kevin LaCroix in the D&O Diary.
  8. Rethinking corporate enforcement. John Coffee in Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Goverance.
  9. A new month is here and a new guest on The Compliance Life. Gwen Hassan- Director of Compliance at CNH Industrial. In this month’s first episode, Gwen talks about the twisting road which introduced her to compliance. Check out the episode here.
  10. This month, on 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program, I look back over 2020 and set out some of the key enhancements you need to do for your compliance program in 2021. Day 1 | What 2020 Brought To Compliance Programs; Day 2 | Continuous Monitoring and Continuous Improvement; Day 3 | Leadership’s Conduct At The Top; Day 4 | Moving Compliance Tone Down Through An Organization; Day 5 | The Board and Operationalizing Compliance; Day 6 | The Code of Conduct; Day 7 | Policies and Procedures; and Day 8 | Internal Controls and Compliance. Note 31 Days to a More Effective Compliance Program now has its own iTunes channel.
  11. Join Tom on the Convercent event, “Future-proof your compliance program for 2021”, on Wednesday, January 20th | 11:00 am -:00 pm ET. For details and registration, click here.
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Tom Fox is the Compliance Evangelist and can be reached at tfox@tfoxlaw.com. Jay Rosen is Mr. Monitor and can be reached at jrosen@affiliatedmonitors.com.