Hosts Tom Fox and Mike Volkov launch their new podcast series by talking about their favorite Marx Brothers movies and how it leads to a broader description of compliance. The title Why a Duck comes from a line in the famous 1929 Marx Brothers film Coconuts: “ Why a duck? Why no chicken? Why no horse?”
Duck Soup is Tom’s favorite Marx Brothers movie. The film depicts a series of farcical efforts where rivals try to overthrow Rufus T. Firefly. It is political chaos at its finest. Tom especially enjoys the mirror scene.
Mike’s favorite Marx Brothers movie is Day at the Races. Hugo Hackenbush is a vet posing at a doctor at Standish Sanatorium to take care of his wealthy patient Emily Upjohn. The sanatorium is in financial trouble. The film shows his hilarious schemes to get a horse to win a race so that he can pay off the sanatorium debts.
Mike shares a funny story of how the Marx brothers cornered Irving Thalberg into a meeting.
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